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https://serpant.in/?ref=401 is present in the Dr.Web database of unwanted sites!

Checking: https://serpant.in/css/jquery.js?ref=401
File size: 93.68 KB
File MD5: 00f66eada2c54b64a3f632747ce1fe2d

https://serpant.in/css/jquery.js?ref=401 - Ok

Checking: https://linkslot.ru/bancode.php?id=283881
File size: 13.59 KB
File MD5: 4ca2201d2b9cc4ba0680750dbdf4d3d7

https://linkslot.ru/bancode.php?id=283881 - archive JS-HTML
>https://linkslot.ru/bancode.php?id=283881/JSFile_1[0][365d] - Ok
https://linkslot.ru/bancode.php?id=283881 - Ok

Checking: https://serpant.in/?ref=401
Engine version:
Total virus-finding records: 9256333
File size: 7642 bytes
File MD5: e8a81622fa3c7588025e9fa54a9e7d1c

https://serpant.in/?ref=401 - archive JS-HTML
>https://serpant.in/?ref=401/JSTAG_1[1c95][b1] - Ok
https://serpant.in/?ref=401 - Ok

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