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https://bc.game/i-9cyrck4-n/ redirects to https://bc.game/?i=9cyrck4&s=&c=

Checking: https://bc.game/js/chunk-vendors.68251bfa.js?i=9cyrck4&s=&c=
File size: 661.96 KB
File MD5: 5df097a0225ae564b5ac79ae49da2e5d

https://bc.game/js/chunk-vendors.68251bfa.js?i=9cyrck4&s=&c= - Ok

Checking: https://bc.game/js/index.053e4a76.js?i=9cyrck4&s=&c=
File size: 955.18 KB
File MD5: ba7ea8cf8b50c1e05f1eb1d07cc81da2

https://bc.game/js/index.053e4a76.js?i=9cyrck4&s=&c= - Ok

Checking: https://bc.game/?i=9cyrck4&s=&c=
Engine version:
Total virus-finding records: 9025805
File size: 2442 bytes
File MD5: 177da4eb5758bcd4ef82994421482168

https://bc.game/?i=9cyrck4&s=&c= - Ok

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