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https://vk-cc.com/gO1NA redirects to http://9n2.ru/3594988257

http://9n2.ru/3594988257 is present in the Dr.Web database of unwanted sites!

Checking: http://9n2.ru/mlgo.php%3Fparam=aHR0cHM6Ly85bWxuLmNvbS8zNTk0OTg4MjU3L2U5OTZiMmFmOGMyM2VjNDhkOWM3MjY0MGNmNDYwMTZj
File size: 2740 bytes
File MD5: 34fea62a09f838c3b81ee4f5b8e07842

http://9n2.ru/mlgo.php%3Fparam=aHR0cHM6Ly85bWxuLmNvbS8zNTk0OTg4MjU3L2U5OTZiMmFmOGMyM2VjNDhkOWM3MjY0MGNmNDYwMTZj - Ok

Checking: http://9n2.ru/3594988257
Engine version:
Total virus-finding records: 7109564
File size: 2623 bytes
File MD5: 71c89941d1a480b91c3f90f4de3df2d3

http://9n2.ru/3594988257 - Ok

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