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http://gudvin.biz/ redirects to http://www.gudvin.biz/

Checking: http://www.gudvin.biz/jquery-1.11.0.min.js
File size: 94.12 KB
File MD5: 52d16e147b5346147d0f3269cd4d0f80

http://www.gudvin.biz/jquery-1.11.0.min.js - Ok

Checking: http://www.gudvin.biz/lightbox.min.js
File size: 7800 bytes
File MD5: dd614a6e54383b733dbe5e20ba7859a5

http://www.gudvin.biz/lightbox.min.js - Ok

Checking: http://www.gudvin.biz/jquery.cross-slide.js
File size: 11.45 KB
File MD5: 822546329c2c7511834713fdc446062d

http://www.gudvin.biz/jquery.cross-slide.js - Ok

Checking: http://www.gudvin.biz/
Engine version:
Total virus-finding records: 9685795
File size: 13.18 KB
File MD5: 42766c62425e48d758b20d10bb43ea19

http://www.gudvin.biz/ - archive JS-HTML
>http://www.gudvin.biz//JSTAG_1[656][1b6] - Ok
>http://www.gudvin.biz//JSTAG_2[315a][2a9] - Ok
http://www.gudvin.biz/ - Ok

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