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http://alldaydesing.net is present in the Dr.Web database of unwanted sites!

Checking: http://alldaydesing.net/app/audio.min.js
File size: 15.66 KB
File MD5: 0ef21f4d6ee28ef1ba3ca27cda008213

http://alldaydesing.net/app/audio.min.js - Ok

Checking: http://alldaydesing.net/js/tj.js
File size: 526 bytes
File MD5: 8aef214571562c4e4e8ec58a3b4de0a3

http://alldaydesing.net/js/tj.js - archive JS-HTML
>http://alldaydesing.net/js/tj.js/JSFile_1[0][20e] - Ok
http://alldaydesing.net/js/tj.js - Ok

Checking: http://alldaydesing.net/app/ie6PNG.js
File size: 9888 bytes
File MD5: 0def7b6d3a0a6853ff5b12e97a4696cb

http://alldaydesing.net/app/ie6PNG.js - Ok

Checking: http://alldaydesing.net/js/tz.js
File size: 1893 bytes
File MD5: fa9ffe1f189526a3fcd331796b27d041

http://alldaydesing.net/js/tz.js - archive JS-HTML
>http://alldaydesing.net/js/tz.js/JSFile_1[0][765] - Ok
http://alldaydesing.net/js/tz.js - Ok

Checking: http://alldaydesing.net
Engine version:
Total virus-finding records: 9274702
File size: 26.41 KB
File MD5: 89fc01e7df311a3bb725722348d11333

http://alldaydesing.net - archive JS-HTML
>http://alldaydesing.net/JSTAG_1[81b][3e] - Ok
>http://alldaydesing.net/JSTAG_2[680f][177] - Ok
http://alldaydesing.net - Ok

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